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Differentially Private Naïve Bayes Classification


In: The IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence, Atlanta, GA, USA.

Year: 2013.

Abstract: Privacy and security concerns often prevent the sharing of users' data or even of the knowledge gained from it, thus deterring valuable information from being utilized. Privacy-preserving knowledge discovery, if done correctly, can alleviate this problem. One of the most important and widely used data mining techniques is that of classification. We consider the model where a single provider has centralized access to a dataset and would like to release a classifier while protecting privacy to the best extent possible. Recently, the model of differential privacy has been developed which provides a strong privacy guarantee even if adversaries hold arbitrary prior knowledge. In this paper, we apply this rigorous privacy model to develop a Naïve Bayes classifier, which is often used as a baseline and consistently provides reasonable classification performance. We experimentally evaluate the proposed approach, and discuss how it could be potentially deployed in PaaS clouds..

Fulltext: PDF.