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Current activity

This webpage is being replaced by a newer one at -- please visit the new website for updated information.

This page will link to some mini research projects that I am involved with or am planning at this stage. The following list, however, excludes the projects for which I am bound by some sort of non-disclosure agreement. This page will also link to some of my current open-ended research-related thoughts and activities.

P2P simulators

Following our survey of P2P network simulators in 2006-07, we feel the need to look at the current state-of-the-art on this subject again. (Read more)

Trust in online dating

In 2010, we have done some work with showing how existing computational trust models are ineffective in modelling trust for highly emotive applications, such as online dating. We continue to explore this area on how to build trust models appropriate to such applications. (Read more)