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P2P simulators

In 2006--07, we conducted an extensive survey on the state-of-the-art of peer-to-peer (P2P) network simulators and the use of existing simulators in P2P research, which resulted in three publications (ACM CCR, HET-NETs and PGNet). During that survey, we observed:
  1. A very large portion of P2P research results faces challenges of reproducibility because of the lack of use of any standard simulation tools.
  2. None of the then-surveyed simulators meet all the requirements of P2P simulation, which calls for the development of new simulation tools.
Based on our work, some new simulation tools are available now. However, we have explored if the two aforementioned observations somewhat still holds. This work gathered pace and we have worked with the IETF/IRTF. See a relevant IETF draft: A journal paper has been now published with the ACM Computing Surveys.